Characteristics and working principle of casting cleaning machine


Casting cleaning machine is a novel continuous cleaning equipment that uses chain drive mesh belt to transport workpieces and has the functions of cleaning liquid spraying, clean water spraying rinsing, compressed air blowing, hot air blowing and other functions. It is suitable for cleaning and processing iron castings and steel castings of various machinery manufacturers.


Using the powerful cavity effect of ultrasound, dirt and oil can be cleaned in a short time.

Simple operation with large timer. The time between 1 second and 500 hours can be set arbitrarily.

Equipped with optional small parts cleaning special box. The attached drain valve is convenient to switch the cleaning agent.

Equipped with an automatic chronograph to facilitate the management of use time and maintenance time.

Equipped with a standard leakage circuit breaker: used to detect a leakage power source, make the relay actuate, and the power switch is turned off

working principle

The principle of the casting cleaning machine is mainly to convert the sound energy of the power ultrasonic frequency source into mechanical vibration through the transducer, and radiate the cleaning liquid in the tank to ultrasonic waves through the cleaning tank wall. Due to the radiated ultrasonic waves, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibrating under the action of sound waves. When the sound pressure or sound intensity reaches a certain level, the bubble will expand rapidly and then suddenly close. During this process, the shock wave is generated at the moment when the bubble is closed, causing a pressure of 1012-1013pa and local temperature adjustment around the bubble. The huge pressure generated by this ultrasonic cavitation can destroy insoluble dirt and make them differentiate in the solution. The direct and repeated impact of steam-type cavitation on dirt.